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       With an aim to formulate systematic approach and planning for program-level assessment, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has formulated the Program Assessment & Quality Improvement committee.


To provide organized procedure for performing the systematic assessment of the program and ensure its progressive performance.

PAQIC Committee composition:

The following are the faculty members involved in the Program Assessment & Quality Improvement committee of the program.



Dr. V. R. Naik

Head of the Department



Mr. A. V. Sutar


IQAC Representative

Dr. V. P. Gaikwad



Dr. A. D. Patil

Prof. P. N. Gore

Prof. V. A. Kamble

Prof. A. R. Balwan

Prof. R. D. Patil


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Responsibilities of PAQIC:

Following are the different working domains that PAQIC covers.

   1. Track the CO, PO & PSO outcomes

  • Assess the course outcomes and its mapping for the new courses added in the curriculum.
  • Compute the course attainments, PO attainment and PSO attainment at the end of each semester.
  • Validate the assessment process.
  • Perform the assessment of these outcomes and plan the strategies for the weak outcomes.
  • Interact with Module and Course Coordinators to analyze the outcome of attainments and ensure its compliance in all respect.

  2. Program curriculum and Teaching Learning Process

  • Track adherence with the academic calendar.
  • Ensuring adoption of modern and effective teaching learning process.
  • Facilitate adoption of innovative student centric, participatory and project-based teaching learning process.
  • Arrange the BoS meetings. Maintain its documents such as agenda and minutes of meetings.
  • Propose the modifications in the curriculum for approval from BoS.

  3. Monitor Students Performance

  • Motivate the students towards participating in various activities.
    • Attend / Organize workshops.
    • Develop industry standard projects and working models.
    • Publish papers.
    • Participate in project contests.
  • Encourage students to enroll and excel in exams such as GATE , GRE, TOFEL etc.
  • Record internship activities.
  • Arrange activities to enhance student placements.

  4. Record faculty contributions

  • Record participation of faculty in seminars, workshops, conferences etc.
  • Document organization of FDPs and faculty trainings.
  • Record faculty publications.
  • Encourage faculty for IPR.
  • Maintain record of Performance Based Appraisal System.

  5. Maintain the facilities and technical support

  • Ensure the adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure and services to enhance teaching learning process.
  • Ensure the allocation and utilization of financial resources (budget allocation).

  6. Track Continuous improvement

  • Include topics beyond the syllabus and additional experiments in the curriculum to meet POs and PEOs.
  • Organize various technical and cocurricular activities to address soft POs leading to quality enhancement.
  • Through IQAC, arrange faculty internal audits.
  • Enhance the curriculum with value added training courses.
  • Maintain feedback records for quality assessment.

Frequency of the Meeting: The Program Assessment & Quality Improvement committee meeting is conducted every semester.