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Semester End Examination (SEE) Online Exam Form Filling

First Yr. UG/PG : Winter Session (Sem-1) of A.Y. 2020-2021


Important Note : For last date for Filling of Online Exam Form & Paying Fees <<Click Here>>


Step-I : Filling Online Exam Form -

  • Open ‘Online Exam Form Filling Portal’ on any Web Browser -
  • Login with correct credentials (PRN & Date of Birth).
  • Click on ‘Registration’ button.
  • Check all the details i.e regular courses, backlog courses (if any), fees, etc. (Contact immediate to CoE Office regarding any problem in course, fees, etc without clicking ‘Submit’ button)
  • If all the details are correct, then click on ‘Submit’ button; that will enable ‘Generate Challan’ button to download pdf of Filled Exam Form. (Download the pdf of Filled Exam Form & save it, do not submit anywhere)
  • Logout’ from the Exam Form Filling portal.


Step – II) Paying Online Fees of Filled Exam Form :

  • Open ‘Online Exam Fees Paying Portal’ on any Web Browser-
  • Login with correct credentials (PRN & Date of Birth). The Date of Birth must be in ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ format.
  • A popup message will show. Click on ‘I’m, Curious!’ & again click on ‘Close’ button showing on Vision-Mission popup message.
  • Click on ‘FEE’ button.
  • Check the ‘Exam fee’ amount showing.  (Contact immediate to CoE Office regarding any problem in fees without clicking ‘Pay Exam Fee’ button)
  • If ‘Exam fee’ amount is correct, then click on ‘Pay Exam Fee’ button; that will redirect you to next page showing student all details.
  • Click on ‘Pay with Paytm’ button; that will open payment page.
  • Pay ‘Exam Form Fee’ using any of the payment options available in payment page.
  • After payment done successfully, re-login in parents portal. The details of successful payment transaction will update on ‘Payment History’ heading shown under ‘Fee’ page.
  • If any problem arises contact to,

 1. Prof. S. S. Aparaj : +91 9766637399

 2. Mr. Y. S. Devmore : +91 8600741272

 3. Mr. S. B. Kothali : +91 9763475108

 4. Mr. A. P. Kardyalkar : +91 7774013682


   Dr. R. A. Patil

Controller of Examinations

      (+91 9422580559)

Autonomous Examination Form


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