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 Semester Exchange Program Under Credit Transfer Scheme


1. Semester Exchange Program for DKTE students in Foreign University

     D.K.T.E.Society’s Textile & Engineering institute Ichalkaranji has successfully implemented semester exchange under credits transfer scheme with international Universities. DKTE has MOUs with Saxion University of Applied sciences Netherland, Hof University of Applied Sciences Germany. Under this arrangement, students of B.Tech Textiles programmes are  regularly deputed to study sixth semester at these Universities. The deputed students study the entire sixth semester at these Universities and credits  of these students are transferred to DKTE after evaluation by these Universities. A semester study at these leading Universities has provided an excellent platform to develop their personality for the students of DKTE

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Photo:- DKTE Student in Campus of Saxion University Photo:-DKTE Studetns doing Practical in HOF University

2.Semester Exchange Program  for Foreign University Students in DKTE

      The students of BGMEA University of Fashion Technology (BUFT), Dhaka, Bangladesh and Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) have been studying their one semester at DKTE as per the MOUS with these Universities. These Universities depute their students to DKTE to study a semester and students are given flexibility to select the courses of their choice. At the end of semester, the students performance is evaluated as per the system of DKTE and their credits will be transferred to their Univeristies.


 BUTF 7920  BUTF1 C 7920

  Photos:- BUTF Studens with Director & Dy.Director in DKTE Campus