Autonomous Colleges In Maharashtra


Autonomous Examination Result

Makeup Session : A.Y. 2020-2021  

    ( Result Published : Second Yr. to Final Yr. B.Tech. & M.B.A. all proggrams )


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Autonomous Examination Result

Summer Session : A.Y. 2020-2021  

     ( Result Published : Third Yr. & Final Yr. B.Tech. all proggrams

                                        Second Yr. B.Tech. & M.B.A. all programs

                                                                                      First Yr. B.Tech., M.Tech - Textile Engg. & CSE, M.B.A. all programs ) 


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Important Instruction - 

  • Photocopy & Revaluation is not available.

 Grading System

Grade Description Marks Range Grade Point
O Outstanding 90 to 100 10
A+ Excellent 80 to 89 9
A Very Good 70 to 79 8
B+ Good 60 to 69 7
B Above Average 50 to 59 6
C Average 45 to 49 5
P Pass 40 to 44 4
F Fail Below 40 00
AB Absent --- 00
NP Non Credit Pass ≥ 40 ---
NF Non Credit Fail < 40 ---