Autonomous Colleges In Maharashtra


  • This Lab caters to the need of practicals Basic electrical Engineering for all branches of institute.
  • Lab is furnished with 10 practical tables & accommodates 10 groups each of 5 students at a time.
  • Major equipment’s in the lab:
    • AC/DC Machine,
    • Motor Generator set,
    • Single phase & Three phase transformers
    • Ammeters, Voltmeters & Wattmeters, Meggar, proximity speed measuring instrument



  • This Lab caters to the needs of practicals related to courses like Electrical DC, AC machines, special motors like BLDC, Stepper& different types of transformers for the S.Y & T.Y. B.Tech. students.
  • The carpet is furnished with 6 practical tables & accommodates 6 groups each of 4 student at a time. Load test , Parallel operation, Loss calculation ,Speed control, Speed and Voltage regulation & Power measurement can be performed.
  • Major equipment’s in the lab: Experimental trainers
    • AC/DC Machines
    • AC/DC Motor Generator Test bench
    • BLDC Motor Test bench
    • Synchronization panel & Power Supply.

 EMC lab


  • This lab caters to basic Electronics practical’s namely Electronics Devices & Circuit, Digital System & Electronic Circuit Design.
  • The is furnished with 8 practical tables & accommodates 16 groups each of 3 student at a time.
  • Major equipment’s in the lab include Experimental trainers:
    • Transistors, 
    • Operational Amplifier,
    • Oscillator & Amplifier,
    • Passive Active M Derived Filter
    • Analog Multiplexer Demultiplex & ADC/DAC Trainer Kit
    • Logic Gates
    •  Function Generator
    • Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes
    • Single & Dual Power Supply.

 etrx final lab


  • This lab caters to the hands on of courses in C programming, Conrol system, simulation study of generating, transmission & distribution systems.
  • The furnished with 10 computer tables & 20 HP Make Desktop Computers.
  • It caters to the conduction need of blended classrooms for teaching learning & conduction of workshops.
  • Use of freewares like scilab, pspice, is encouraged in this lab.
  • Total investment of the lab is rupees 4.82 lacs 

softare lab new

  • This Lab caters to the needs of practicals related to courses like Measurement & Instrumentation and Control System for the students of S.Y. B.Tech. class.
  • This lab is furnished with 8 practical tables.
  • This lab is well equipped with Measurement trainer kits:
    • Wheatstone Bridge, Kelvin Double, Maxwell, Schearing, Anderson, Wein Bridge for R,L,C measurements,
  • Control system trainer kits:
    • D.C./ A.C. Position Control
    • Synchro Transmitter –Receiver
    • Stepper Motor /PID Controller Trainer Kit
    • Trainer Kits for temperature speed, displacement & force measurement
    • Special measuring Instruments: Insulation Resistance & earth leakage Testing units. 

measurement lab