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With an aim to formulate systematic approach and planning for program-level assessment, the Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering has formulated the Program Assessment & Quality Improvement committee.


To provide organized procedure for performing the systematic assessment of the program and ensure its progressive performance.

PAQIC Committee composition:

The following are the faculty members involved in the Program Assessment & Quality Improvement committee of the program.



Dr. S A Patil

Head of the Department



Mrs D N Dhang


IQAC Representative

Mrs S A Pore



Mrs J P Kharat

Dr. Mrs. A R Patil

Dr. Mrs. A D Kadage

Dr. Sourabh Prasad

Mr P C Dhanawade

Responsibilities of PAQIC:

Following are the different working domains that PAQIC covers.

  1. Track the CO, PO & PSO outcomes
  • Assess the course outcomes and its mapping for the new courses added in the curriculum.
  • Compute the course attainments, PO attainment and PSO attainment at the end of each semester.
  • Validate the assessment process.
  • Perform the assessment of these outcomes and plan the strategies for the weak outcomes.
  • Interact with Module and Course Coordinators to analyze the outcome of attainments and ensure its compliance in all respect.
  1. Program curriculum and Teaching Learning Process
  • Track adherence with the academic calendar.
  • Ensuring adoption of modern and effective teaching learning process.
  • Facilitate adoption of innovative student centric, participatory and project-based teaching learning process.
  • Arrange the BoS meetings. Maintain its documents such as agenda and minutes of meetings.
  • Propose the modifications in the curriculum for approval from BoS.
  1. Monitor Students Performance
  • Motivate the students towards participating in various activities
    • Attend / Organize workshops
    • Develop industry standard projects and working models
    • Publish papers
    • Participate in project contests.
  • Encourage students to enrol and excel in exams such as GATE , GRE, TOFEL etc.
  • Record internship activities
  • Arrange activities to enhance student placements
  1. Record faculty contributions
  • Record participation of faculty in seminars, workshops, conferences etc.
  • Document organization of FDPs and faculty trainings
  • Record faculty publications
  • Encourage faculty for IPR
  • Maintain record of Performance Based Appraisal System
  1. Maintain the facilities and technical support
  • Ensure the adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure and services to enhance teaching learning process.
  • Ensure the allocation and utilization of financial resources (budget allocation)
  1. Track Continuous improvement
  • Include topics beyond the syllabus and additional experiments in the curriculum to meet POs and PEOs.
  • Organize various technical and cocurricular activities to address soft POs leading to quality enhancement.
  • Through IQAC, arrange faculty internal audits.
  • Enhance the curriculum with value added training courses.
  • Maintain feedback records for quality assessment.

Frequency of the Meeting: The Program Assessment & Quality Improvement committee meeting is conducted every semester.