Autonomous Colleges In Maharashtra

Following are the equipment in this laboratory used for various purposes

  • Hydraulic Trainer
  • Pneumatic Trainer Hydraulic Servo System

Pneumatic Servo System to simulate and study all types of Hydraulic and Pneumatic valves for flow control, direction control and pressure control.


Following are the equipment in this laboratory used for various purposes

  • Study of gyroscopic couple and its effect
  • Various types of governor and thin control linkage for speed control action
  • Various types of gear profiles and generation of gear profile by using gear profile generation setup.
  • tudy and measurement of logarithmic treatment.


Following are the equipment in this laboratory used for various purposes

  • CONDUCTION: Thermal conductivity of insulating powder, Variation of thermal conductivity of metals with respect to temperature, Thermal resistance of composite wall, Temperature distribution in pin fin, etc.
  • CONVECTION: Heat transfer in Natural Convection.
  • RADIATION: Emissivity of test plate, Verification of Stefan Boltzman law, etc.
  • HEAT EXCHANGERS: Effectiveness of parallel and counter flow type heat exchangers.
  • BOILING HEAT TRANSFER: Critical heat flux in boiling heat transfer.


Following are the equipment in this laboratory used for various purposes

  • Venturimeter, Orifice meter, V-notch are used to measure the flow rate of fluid.
  • Reynolds experiment used to measure turbulence in the fluid.
  • Bernoulli's experiment used to measure total head of flow
  • Friction through pipes used to measure friction in pipes for different material and diameter of pipes.
  • Centrifugal pump test rig for measuring the performance of pump at various flow rates.
  • Pelton wheel turbine and Francis turbine for measuring discharge, power output and efficiency of turbine. Also the facility to measure the above parameters under constant head and constant speed is available
  • Hydraulic ram pump is used to convert potential energy of fluid into Kinetic energy to transfer fluid from lower lead to higher head.
  • Also the model of wind tunnel is there to study the resistance of air.


Following are the equipment in this laboratory used for various purposes

  • Sand siever-Instrument is used to findout grain fineness number of sand.
  • Mold hardness tester-Instrument is used to findout green mold hardness of sand mold.
  • Core hardness tester-Instrument is used to findout hardness of cores.
  • Permeability meter-Instrument is used to findout to find out permeability number of green sand, core sand and raw sand.
  • Rapid moisture tester-Instrument is used to determine the moisture content in molding sand.
  • Sand washer-Instrument is used to determine the percentage of dead clay.
  • Strength tester-Instrument is used to determine compressive strength, tensile strength, shear strength and transverse strength of prepared specimen.
  • Sand Muler-Instrument is used to mix sand water and binders.


CAD/CAM caters to the requirements of development of basic conceptual design for an engineering component then carrying out stress/strain analysis of the conceptual model built by using sophisticated design software like

  • ANSYS, CATIA V5R15, SOLID WORKS, COSMOS, NASTRAN-PATRAN, SOLID CAST, OPTICAST, EDGECAM etc. After finalising the conceptual design kinematic analysis can be done by the additional features provided in the design software.
  • The CAM facility supports
  • Generating CNC programs for various components.
  • Checking correctness of program by simulation feature of the software and cross checking the tool path movement, after the process has been rectified in CNC machine.


Following are the equipment in this laboratory used for various purposes

  • This lab is equipped with different sensors and actuators.
  • Students can do PLC programming for real life situations.
  • Interfacing of various types of sensors with PLC is possible and experimentation can be done to check concept of automation using these sensors & actuators.


This workshop caters to the requirement for all the students from textile, electronics and mechanical department. Workshop is equipped with following machinery required to carry out basic mechanical engineering operations like turning, welding, milling, drilling, shaping, etc.

Machines available in this workshop:

  • Centre lathes
  • Shapers
  • Bench Grinders
  • Wood turning lathes
  • Milling machine
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Bench Drilling Machine
  • Fitting Vice
  • Carpentry vice
  • Bar cutting machine
  • Shearing machine
  • Welding machine
  • Gas welding machine


Following are the equipment in this laboratory used for various purposes

  • Study of different types of boilers, their mountings and accessories.
  • Air compressors, fuels, etc.
  • The models and charts of these are available in the laboratory.
  • The laboratory also consists of the test rigs to conduct the trials on the rotary and reciprocating air compressors.
  • Condensers and cooling towers, trial on calorimeters, air blower, reciprocating air compressor.
  • Test on grease penetrometer and droping point of grease, carbon residue, cloud and pour point, aniline point, and study and test on steam/air nozzle, etc can be conducted in this laboratory.


This lab is equipped with various testing rigs for various types of I.C engines

  • Single cylinder 2 stroke petrol engine.
  • Single cylinder 4 stroke slow speed diesel engine.
  • Multicylinder petrol engine with facility of morse test to find mechanical efficiency.
  • Multicylinder diesel engine.
  • All these test rigs are to check the performance of engine and to find out following important parameters related to engine performance.
  • Specific fuel consumption
  • Thermal efficiency, mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency.
  • To find heat balance sheet i.e. heat equivalent to brake power, heat lost in exhaust and heat lost in cooling

All the engine test rigs are having facility to check the performance under varying load conditions by rope brake dynamotor or hydraulic dynamometer. Duel fuel type generator set developing 2.5 Kilo Watt power with testing panel backs up the lab.