Autonomous Colleges In Maharashtra


The spinning workshop is well equipped with state of art machinery, which facilitates students and faculty members for research & study purposes.

  • Rieter Comfor Compact Spinning K-40
  • Rieter Comber E-70 R
  • Rieter Autoleveller Draw Frame RSB-D 30
  • Murata Air Jet Spinning MJS 802
  • Schlafhorst Autocoro 288
  • Trumac / Trutzschler Blow room Line
  • Trumac DK-780 Card.
  • LMW Speed frame LF1400
  • KTTM Ring frame RXI 240C
  • LMW Ring frame LG 5/1
  • Peass Parallel / Soft Winding machine
  • Vijay Lakshmi - Two for One Twister
  • Fancy Twister
  • Ring Doubler.
  • Amsler Fancy yarn attachment
  • Xorella yarn conditioning
  • Zinser Ringframe 351 C3
  • Savio TFO

 Muratec Air Jet

A Spinning maintenance laboratory is equipped with latest machineries for practical & research purpose of students as well as faculty members. The facilities under this spinning maintenance laboratory.

  • Flat End Milling machine
  • Flat Clamping machine
  • Flat Grinding machine
  • Roller mounting machine
  • Cots grinding machine
  • Arbour Flusing / Cleaning machine
  • Cot Checking Instrument
  • Cot mounting machine
  • Cot calendaring machine
  • Top Roller Greasing machine
The workshop is well equipped with conventional to latest weaving machines for imparting practical training. The weaving machines are fully exploited for product development, research practicals etc. These maintenance equipments are also being used by the industry.

Following are the major facilities available

  • Sulzer projectile weaving machine with training models
  • Schlafhorst 338 winding machine
  • Mayer & Cie knitting machine
  • Design studio (Wonderweaves & Textronics)
  • Ruti C weaving machine
  • Cimmco auto loom
  • Harish Vivita Air jet weaving machine
  • Braiding machine
  • All types of conventional shuttle looms & Prepatory machine
  • CCI Tech. Sample Sizing, Sample warping & Sample loom set-up
  • Smit Rapier weaving machine
  • Dornier rapier weaving machine
  • Smit Air jet weaving machine
  • Auto sample loom, sizing, warping (CCI Taiwan make)
  • Pailung interlock Knitting machine
  • Liba sample warp knitting machine
  • Muller needle loom
  • Bonas Electronic Jacquard.
  • Savio Polar Winding Machine
  • Somet Air Jet Weaving Machine
  • KTM socks knitting machine
  • SuoHwan computerized flat knitting machine
  • Schoch Reed Display

Dornier Rigid Rapier Loom

Dornier Rigid Rapier Loom

The textile physics & testing laboratory is equipped with modern instruments that are used for testing of fibers to fabric. 

Facilities available for testing & research purposes are

  • Uster AFIS PRO
  • Instron Universal Testing machine (5565)
  • Zweigle yarn hairiness tester
  • Zweigle yarn Friction tester
  • High Volume Instriments HFT (Premier)
  • Premier aQuara NL.
  • Premier Tensomax 7000
  • Yarn Evenness Tester with Imperfection Meter (Premier-IQ)
  • MESDAN Count CSP Tester (STRETCH 500 M)
  • Tensolab -Tensile Testing machine
  • Yarn Abrasion (MAG - SITRA Abrasion Test)
  • Cotton Trash analyzer
  • Microscopes
  • Carl Zeiss Stemi DVG Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • Carl Zeiss Trinoculler Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • Carl Zeiss Motorized Stereo Microscope
  • Carl Zeiss Image analysis system
  • Uster CSP Tester
  • Classimat
  • Handloom Fabric identification system
  • Microprocessor based Twist Tester
  • Fabric Pilling Tester (Autopill)

High Volume Inst.

High Volume Instrument

The laboratory is equipped with the following important instruments

  • Air Texturising
  • Darw Texturising
  • Pilot Melt Spinning machine for Polypropylene Fibres.
  • Two Stage filament Yarn Drawing machine.
  • High Speed Draw winder
  • Solution Spinning Machine
  • Dynafil.M
  • Tensometer
  • Crape TFO
  • Air Covering Machine
  • Melt Spinning machine for Polyester and Polyamide fibres.
  • Melt Flow Index Tester
  • Density Gradient Column
  • Spinfinish Extraction Device

Air-Jet Texturising

Air Jet Texturising Machine


  • Open bath beaker dyeing machine
  • High Temperature Beaker Dyeing machine
  • Laboratory jigger
  • Laboratory Winch
  • Rota dyer
  • Infra Colour Dyeing machine
  • 2 Kg. Soft flow dyeing machine
  • 10 Kg. Soft overflow dyeing machine
  • Fong's Soft flow dyeing machine (10 Kg) (AII FIT-10)
  • Fong's package dyeing machine(3 Kg) (LABWIN-3)
  • Single package dyeing machine
  • Garment dyeing machine
  • THE AIRFLOW AFE 50 Soft flow dyeing machine(50 Kg)
  • Single Colour Roto-flat printing machine
  • Transfer printing machine
  • Lab. Padding mangles and curing chambers
  • High Temperatures steamer. HT-U steamer
  • Mini Boiler
The laboratory is well equipped for chemical processing of all types of fiber and fabric.

Facilities :

  • Mathis Labomat
  • Tessile Computer Colour Matching Systems
  • Premier Computer Colour Matching Systems
  • Treepoint Computer Colour Matching Systems
  • UV_Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Launder-O-Meter
  • Light Fastness Tester
  • Sublimation Fastness Tester
  • Flammability Tester
  • Crockmeter, Perspirometer
  • IFB front loading washing machine
  • Morapex extractor
  • Auto Dosing System
  • Laboratory Dying System
  • Mathis Labomat
  • Premier Computer Colour Matching Systems
  • Treepoint Computer Colour Matching Systems
  • Super dye Computer Colour Matching Systems
  • UV_Visible Spectrophotometer
  • IFB front loading washing machine
  • Morapex extractor
At present the laboratory has the following machines.

  • Single Needle High Speed Lock Stitch Machine
  • Single Needle Lockstitch with UBT & Servomotor
  • 2 Needle High Speed Lock Stitch machine.
  • 2 Needle 4 Thread High Speed Overlock machine
  • 2 Needle 5 Thread High Speed Overlock machine
  • 3 Needle Feed off the arm machine
  • 2 Needle Chainstitch Belt Loop Making machine.
  • Bar tack machine.
  • Industrial Blind Stitch machine.
  • Button Hole machine
  • Chain stitch, Button Stitch machine.
  • 4 Needle Chainstitch Waistband Attach machine
  • 6 Needle 12 Thread Chain Stitch machine.
  • 3 Needle 5 Thread Flat bed Flat Lock machine
  • 3 Needle 5 Thread Cylinder Bed Interlock M/c.
  • Vacuum table With Steam Iron.
  • 9 Needle 2 Head Computerized Embroidery machine
  • Dress Forms
  • Pattern making tools and accessories
  • Pattern Making tables
  • Fabric spreading & cutting tables
  • 8" Straight knife cloth cutting machine
  • 4"Octagonal cutting machine
  • Dell computers
  • Reach CAD & Fashion Studio
  • Richpeace Garment CAD & 3D Textile & Fashion CAD Software
  • Richpeace Plotter and Digitizer
  • Textronic Design 3D
  • Textronic Design studio
  • Wonderweaves Texprint Software
  • Lectra CAD Software
  • Embroidery Software
  • Special Tilted Drawing Boards
  • Mannequins
  • Display Stands
  • Display Boards
This Laboratory is well equipped to carry out research and development work in technical textiles

  • Mathis continuous coating range type KTF-S-500
  • Digital Bursting strength tester
  • Flammability Tester
  • Compression Anvils
  • Spectrophometer 
  • Savio TFO
  • Bianco Weft Straightener
  • Fadis Soft Winding Machine
  • Air jet Spinning Machine - J20 
  • Infrared Spectrometer
  • Autotitrator



This is a joint venture of GTZ (German Assistance for Technical co-operation) Germany, M/S Mayer & CIE Germany, M/S Batliboi Ltd, Mumbai and Textile & Engineering Institute. The GTZ Germany had setup this project to impart hands on training on circular knitting technology. 

Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. has set up test & training center for spinning technology at DKTE for conducting different trials, product development & training activities.

This center is setup by association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT) for providing training to the industry person, faculty & students. Facilities of center are also utilized for conducting Research & Development activities.