Vision of the AICTE- IDEA Lab

"The institute in association with the AICTE- IDEA lab aspires to serve the society and nation by providing graduates who are skilled critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and team players."

AICTE- IDEA lab will inculcate the minds of life-long learners by providing access to a physical and virtual platform that will support the spirit of inquisitive and creativity. Students and faculty will be capable of applying their scientific knowledge to contemporary issues, making acquaintances between scientific disciplines and careers by acquiring knowledge and skills needed to be scientifically literate citizens on planet and make India “AatmaNirbhar Bharat” as a developed nation.


Integration of IDEA Lab with Existing Facilities:

The institute has well equipped laboratories/workshops, centers of excellences, industry sponsored laboratories. The internship, skill developmental activities, incubation activities, product and prototype development, sample production, workshops/conferences will be conducted by using these existing state of the art facilities of the institute along with facilities of IDEA Lab.

The existing facilities are:

  • Industrial Automation Lab by BOSCH
  • Mitsubishi sponsored Laboratory
  • E-Yantra Robotics & SMART FOUNDRY by IIT Bombay,
  • Smart Foundary Lab under DST,
  • IOT lab by Intel
  • Centre of Excellence in Nonwovens
  • Micro Chip Laboratory
  • MSME incubation Center
  • Italian Technology Training Center
  • Rieter spin & Test Center
  • ARM Cortex by ARM University Program
  • TIFAC-CORE in Technical Textiles
  • TBI Center & TIFAC-CORE (supported by DST)

Alignment with National Initiatives

The IDEA lab activities will be conducted to align with many of the national initiatives to develop “AatmaNirbhar Bharat”. The Institute has already started courses under UGC-NSQF (“National Skill Qualifications Framework”), scheme, for skill development of youth, and the IDEA lab infrastructure will be shared for these courses also. Institute has also culture to promote the innovation activities amongst its stockholders, resulting which the Institute has figured at 33rd rank in ARIIA 2020, a survey conducted by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, and the same ecosystem will encourage the students to implement their innovative ideas through the lab.

To achieve Technology Vision 2035, existing TIFAC-CORE centre and the IDEA lab will go, hand in hand, for sustainable development by empowering youth with imparting emerging technology with hands on skills.

To meet the expectation of sustainable development goals, awareness programmes on sustainable products will be undertaken and members of the lab will be encouraged to undertake development of sustainable products.

The IDEA lab will work with the help of existing MSME incubation centre, for conducting Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programmes, for the students as well as youths from rural areas, to meet the MSME as well Startup India initiatives, for transforming India into country of Job creators. Similarly, skill development programmes and technology development programmes will be the part of IDEA lab to align with Digital India mission.

Resources from the IDEA lab will be utilized to motivate students from nearby schools, to give scope for original and hidden ideas/innovations rooted in science and societal applications to foster a culture of creativity and innovative thinking among them.

 The activities of IDEA lab will also be aligned with Innovative schemes under the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP) covering entire gamut of manufacturing in the sector aiming to develop global competitiveness among Indian MSMEs


Smart India Hackathon


Startup Policy





Institution's Innovation Council (IIC)


About Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC)
Ministry of Education's Innovation Cell (MIC) launched the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) program in collaboration with AICTE to systematically foster the culture of Innovation and start-up ecosystem in higher education institutions. The primary goal of this council is to inspire, encourage and nurture the young students for different activities involved in pre-incubation, incubation and making successful startups.


Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) @ DKTE
Our college have established Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) for promoting different activities related to the innovation, IPR, startup and entrepreneurships. Faculties and students are the members of IIC. The IIC cell conducts quarterly meetings in every quarter to plan the quarterly activities and review quarterly conducted activities. Due to these activities, students get chance to participate in various innovation related initiatives and competition organized by MHRD. Students actively interacts with renowned businessman and academicians. They get opportunities to nurture their ideas. DKTE’s IIC helps students to experiment latest technologies to get some prototype for building their confidence. Overall students get extremely healthy environment right from ideation to startups.


Major Focus Area

      1. To create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem.
      2. Start-up/ entrepreneurship supporting Mechanism in HEIs.
      3. Prepare institute for Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements Framework (ARIIA).
      4. Establish Function Ecosystem for Scouting Ideas and Pre-incubation of Ideas.
      5. Develop better Cognitive Ability amongst Technology Students.



      1. To conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by Central MIC in time bound fashion.
      2. Identify and reward innovations and share success stories.
      3. Organize periodic workshops/ seminars/ interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and create a mentor pool for student innovators.
      4. Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations.
      5. Organize Hackathons, idea competition, mini-challenges etc. with the involvement of industries.



Following activities conducted in year 2020-21 under IIC cell of the institute.

Sr.No. Activity Category Date
01 Internal Smart India hackathon Innovation


02 MHRD and AICTE funded Impact Lecture Series on IPR IPR 01/07/2020
03 MHRD and AICTE funded Impact Lecture Series on Startup Startup 04/07/2020
04 How to commercialize faculty/ student projects into commercially viable start-ups/ products at the campus Startup 19/10/2020
05 Identifying commercial viability and business potential for any start-up Idea Startup 20/10/2020
06 Start-up and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship 21/10/2020
07 Patent Filing: Mechanism and Methodology IPR 22/10/2020
08 Journey Towards Innovation Innovation 23/10/2020
09 Entrepreneurship Development Entrepreneurship 24/10/2020
10 Institute Level Innovative Idea and Proof of Concept Contest Innovation 05/12/2020
11 Interaction with successful Alumni Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship 27/12/2021
12 Seminar on Entrepreneurships Innovation and startup Innovation, Startup and Entrepreneurship 08/02/2021
13 Seminar on overview on Intellectual Property and Patenting System in India IPR 11/02/2021
14 Seminar on overview on Idea, opportunities and Business Plan Entrepreneurship 12/02/2021



Sr. No. Experts Designation No. Name
01         Faculty Representation   
President HOD & Dean (Project & Consultanc) 01 Prof.(Dr.) D.V. Kodavade
Convener Associate Professor 01 Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Vanbatte
Innovation Activity Co-ordinator Associate Professor 01 Prof. T. I. Bagban
Satrt-Up Activity Co-ordinator Associate Professor 01 Prof.(Dr.) M.C. Buraji
Internship Coordinator Assistant Professor
Training Placement Officer
Training Placement Officer
03 Prof. P.M. Gavali
Prof. P.S. Joshi
Prof. S. B. Akiwate

IPR Activity Coordinator

HOD and Dean (Q & A) 01 Prof. (Dr.) V. R. Naik
Social Media Coordinator Assistant Professor 01 Prof. Y. M. Kamble
Members Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
07 Prof. V. P. Gaikwad
Prof. S. D. Gokhale
Prof. (Dr.) M.Y. Gaikwad
Prof.(Dr.) S. K. Shirgave
Prof. M.S. Kulkarni
Prof. S.R. Prasad
Prof. K.S. Kadam
02     Expert Representation   
IP Experts/Patent Experts Special Invitee 01 Mr. Sagar B. Pol
Startup/Alumini entrepreneur Member 01 Mr. Milind Sutar
Experts from near by Industry / Industry association /Ecosystem Enablers

 Industry Experts

02 Mr. Jaykumar Parikh
Mr. Nilesh Takale
FI/ Bank/Investor/ Angel/Investor/VC Member 01 Mr. Ravi Gupta
Union Bank Of India Ichalkaranji
03       Student Representation   
Innovation Coordinator Member 01 Miss Utkarsh Kavathekar
Startup Coordinator Member 01 Mr. Digvijay Ajarekar
Internship Coordinator Member 01 Mr. Abhishek Pandharpatte
IPR Coordinator Member 01 Miss Sweta Kamble
Social Media Coordinator Member 01 Mr. Gunjan Rajgure
General Members Member 04 Miss. Shabana Nivade
Mr. PrathemeshDavande
Miss Sandhya Patole
Mr. Guruputra Teli


  1. Prof. (Dr.) P. V. Kadole
    DKTE Society’s Textile and Engineering Institute,
    Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, India 
  2. Prof. (Dr.) D. V. Kodavade
    Institution’s Innovation Council,
    DKTE Society’s Textile and Engineering Insittute,
    Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, India