Autonomous Colleges In Maharashtra

The department has developed the under shown laboratories & are full fledged with advanced equipments needed for the curriculum. They are...


This lab caters to the needs of hardware and software related co-design issues of third and final year students.

  • The development tools available are 89c51RD2 microcontroller trainer kits, VLSI trainer Kits and DSP starter kits. Softwares like Keil, Active VHDL Synthesis tool and Modelsim Simulator are also available.
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope PC based logic Analyser, Universal Programmer and Incircuit Emulator, supports the debugging of Experiments.

basic Communicaion

  • AM Modulator and Demodulator
  • FM Modulator and Demodulator
  • PCM Modulator and Demodulator
  • PAM
  • Transmission line trainer kit
  • Antenna polar plot analyzer
  • DSO
  • Spectrum analyzer

advanced Communicaion

 VCD Player Trainer kit

  • Dish TV setup
  • Colour TV trainer kit
  • Monochrome TV trainer kit
  • Microwave test bench
  • Delta modulation
  • Adaptive delta modulation
  • Adaptive pulse code modulation


simulation lab

  • Simulations using Multisim & Comsim Softwares.
  • Microcontroller simulations using Pinnacle softwares.
  • Matlab based simulations
  • Computer networking
  • Internet


Computational lab

  • This lab is equipped with IBM PCs, UPS, Dell PCs to provive computational facility to students.


power electronics

  • This lab is equipped with many Instrumentation Kits and Power electronics Kits like VI characteristics board, half wave, full wave converters, Inverters chopper etc 


Digital systems

  • This lab is equipped with CRO, Function Generator, Power supplies, DSO, Digital ICs etc



  • This lab is equipped with different facilities for Projects made by students.
  • Facilities Available:
    •  Hardware:
          • Zed Board (FPGA kits)
          • Atlys Sparten Kits
          • Anvyl Sparten Kits
          • Virtex 5 Kits
          • Altera CPLD development boards
          • ARM Cortex LPC 1768 kits
          • Freescale FRDM KL25Z kits
          • Microchip PIC 18F877 kits
          • DSP starter kit (TMS 320C6713)
          • TI DSP controller kits
          • Bio energy trainer kit(Bio fuels)
          • Hybrid solar & wind energy trainer
          • CDMA trainer kit
          • DTH trainer kit
          • Radar trainer kit
          • PLC trainer kit with software
          • Elvis Circuit Design Bundle With
          • Prototyping Board
          • Web camera
    • Software:
      • Keil Compiler
      • Xilinx Vivado System
      • Mentor HEP 1
      • Mentor HEP 2
      • Microwind
      • Labview



  • Embedded system lab is equipped with Dell PC's with different embedded related softwares installed.
  • It also contains different embedded development boards.



  • 8085 Tutors.
  • 8086 Tutors.
  • Interfacing Cards.
  • Universal Programmer
  • 8085 Simulator.


Central Computer Laboratory with adequate number of systems, printing and scanning facilities.

  • ARM & PIC 16F877 kits with several interfacing modules.
  • TMS320C6713 DSP trainer kits.
  • Licensed software's :-  Orcad, MPLab, Code Composer for DSP Kits.
  • Departmental Library with nearly 550 books to cater to the specific needs of the students