Autonomous Colleges In Maharashtra


Electronics Engineering

Mr. Arun Kaul "Our college imparted love and education in tandem to me and set me on a path of self-discovery. The teachers, the library, the laboratory or the historical Rajwada. each one has been a beautiful mentor.
Buddha said " Please look at me, the one who left has not returned. Someone else has come, the seed has returned as flower."
I acknowledge, I was a seed who was nurtured, given water, sunshine and air and therefore transformed me into what I am today.
DKTE is a close knit family where teachers take the onus of imparting education holistically and essence of learning comes naturally and is not confined to the marks scored.
The best lessons by the faculty imbibed in me is " scale the depth of your being from which all answers will come forth "
Therefore, we evolved to be what we are today.
We are but another you - DKTE"
Mr. Arun Kaul
Deputy GM-(Sales)
SIEMNS Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon
 Mr. Tarun Gupta "Electronics department of DKTE is a perfect example of showcasing the natural law that what you sow is what you get. Established in 1983 in the hub of textile city it made a mark for itself through consistent efforts to achieve excellence driven by best faculties, innovative methodology, keeping up to date with new technologies and imparting a sense of corporate responsibility and environmental sensitivity while providing sustainable solutions to industries and the world. I personally felt secured and confident being in the electronics department of getting a good career and making a mark for myself. Thanks to all the faculties and infrastructure provided by the management to the students."
Mr. Tarun Gupta
Chief Manager (Information systems)
Indian Oil, Handling All India SAP HR Module
 Abinandan Dangale "It has been more than 23 years and it gives me great pleasure to be alumni of DKTE. I still feel emotional and nostalgic about the years I spent at DKTE campus. If someone ask to live any moments of life again then I would prefer to live those days again at DKTE’S heritage building.
At the very outset I would like to express my heartiest thanks to Electronics Department. I extended my warm regards to all other Non-teaching staff then who supported us like family. It is very It is very important that you spend those delicate and golden years of your life in good and apt environment. We all DKTE’IANS were blessed to have very honest and dedicated staff of Electronics Department who gave us not only academic knowledge but also, they taught is how to be a good human.
DKTE has long way to go but it’s one of the BEST!"
Mr. Abinandan Dagale
Director at
 Devendra Chitale "I Made a Life Changing Decision joining Electronics Department in DKTE, Ichalkaranji. Resourceful Professors, Practical Approach and Futuristic Thinking of DKTE Teachers and Management made me Think and work towards an Entrepreneurial Approach in Post College Life. Social and Cultural Programs has immensely helped in building my Personality. I would Highly recommend DKTE and Electronics Department to Aspiring Engineers."
Devendra Chitale
Nexbot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bavdhan, Pune- 21
 Dr. Sumanjit Dass

"The name DKTE, for me still brings back the memories that my Electronics department created in my life.  Right from day one the academic rigor got us closer to the world of electronics.  The labs, classrooms and above all the professors whose caliber made us all stand tall in our careers.
DKTE has been the only institution that laid emphasis on blended learning by incorporating corporate tie-ups, industry visits and industry driven competition for students to excel.
It even made us socially responsible, morally ethical and scientifically yet creatively driven corporate and academic honchos of tomorrow."

Dr. Sumanjit Dass
Asst. professor Marketing


Mechanical Engineering

bapurao Dadas   "Mechanical engineering department has lots of beautiful memories of my life. Advance Bosch lab, integrated fluid mechanics lab workshop are the epitomes of creativity that I inherited from.

DKTE gave me lots of friends, supportive teachers due to which we achieved good learning outcomes."

Bapurao Bira Dadas

 Ujwala Desai  

"Due to very kind, Supportive & technically Sound teachers of DKTE, I could achieve my goal of become Government Officer. The ambience of the campus is very positive & the whole experience is very good & there is always support & Motivation from the management to pursue our dreams.

I am very much thankful to Administration & Teachers of Mechanical Department of DKTE."

Ujwala Jaysing Desai

 Anita Pundekar  

"The teachers of Mechanical wing of DKTE have always supported me to achieve my goal. I always proudly say that I am Alumni of DKTE because the atmosphere of college is really conductive to creative & productive learnings. The faculties were very friendly, enthusiastic, ready to help, encouraging & supportive. I am thankful to management & staff of DKTE."

Anita Vilas Pundekar
Irrigation Department-Gov. of Maharashtra

 Shubham Chougule

"I was impressed by dedication of TPO officer towards students' career. I believe, that's one the reasons behind my placement in first company of batch 2016-17. I grateful of DKTE TEI and TPO department for showing this level of dedication for us. This is possible because of DKTE. Proud of DKTE."

Mr. Shubham Chougule
Assistant Manager
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

 Vinayak Patil  

"I really honored to a part of such a prestigious and world class institute. With a holistic approach towards teaching and application-oriented lab setup and projects has immensely benefitted the students to quickly adapt to the industry. The faculty members are highly motivated and well connected to industry leaders to give their students’ knowledge about recent industry development and technologies."

Mr. Vinayak Patil
DGM Head of Product Engineering Axiscades Premium


Computer Science and Engineering Department 


"DKTE Textile and Engineering Institute is the forefront in its academic excellence and research rigor, which is really complementary for corporates in general and software companies in particular across the globe. Indeed, it is a great pleasure for me to be associated with DKTE as a proud alumnus.
I owe so much support from my alma mater where I have completed my Computer Science. and of course the credit goes to the cordial and interactive faculty-student relationship which subsequently helped me and provided the opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The training and placement cell of DKTE is very active which has played a key role in making me job ready and employable."

Mr. Ankur Mali
Full Stack Developer Lead,
Capgemini America Inc
Atlanta, USA

Aditya Shirodkar

" I developed an early interest in computers and decided to join the Computer Science & Engineering program at DKTE. The best thing about being a student here is the number of opportunities that are available and how supportive everybody is. During my time at DKTE, I gained technical knowledge by taking various courses and executing a number of projects. Attending workshops and participating in competitions helped further develop my leadership and communication skills. The Computer Science Department is equipped with all the tools one needs to be prepared for a successful career. If I can give one advice to the students that would be "Keep yourself busy with projects, for competitions or for fun. Don't worry about the outcome."

 Mr. Aditya Shirodkar
Software Engineer.
Google, USA

Rohan Patil

" Being DKTE's alumni has been a great experience. It has introduced me to new skills that I will use throughout my career. I am thankful to the faculty of the Computer Science & Engineering Department which has taught me values such as critical thinking, leadership and interpersonal skills along with providing a strong basis for fundamental technical knowledge. I always received support from the department for continuous learning, technical projects and extracurricular activities which helped me to gain skills and confidence to excel in professional opportunities as well as for further education.
Overall it was a wonderful time studying here and It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to be associated with an institute of such stature. "

Mr. Rohan Rajendra Patil
Lead Developer, Tools and Solutions,
Canada Health Infoway
Toronto, Canada.

Mukund Jalan

"I was always pushed by the faculty to improve my skills. I had never imagined how helpful it would be in shaping a bright career for myself. Today I find it very extraordinary among my peers to have received such quality guidance during my college days. Different plans for preparing the students for campus placement helped me and my friends to establish our right place in this competitive industry."

Mr. Mukund Jalan
Associate Engineer
J.P. Morgan Chase and Company
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Ritesh Kadam

"D.K.T.E is a great college to learn and acquire knowledge as demanded by the future tech industries. It gives me immense pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my B.E in CSE from this college. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial and interactive, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The Training and placement cell as well is very supportive and they conducted various sessions/soft skills which helped me to get placed. The regular interaction with the Placement team encouraged me to excel in my on campus interview and developing skills that made me future ready."

Mr. Ritesh Kadam
MTS-2 Full-stack Engineer.
Verizon Communications



 Electronics and Telecommunication Department

Suraj Sadavarte

"It gives me immense pleasure to write about DKTE. 2009 pass out from Electronics and Telecommunication department, got placed in NVIDIA through campus placement drive.  I have witnessed a tremendous change in my life may it be on the academic front or even on a personal level. College provides many opportunities to grow technical knowledge. Passionate teaching staff, well-equipped labs and libraries, infrastructure facilities, and good support from the department."

Mr. Suraj Sadavarte
Senior Software Engineer
Pune, India


 Ismail Shaikh

"It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of DKTE where I can grow. The entire faculty and department leave no stone unturned to shape one's future. My four years at DKTE have been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to outside. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire faculty members and department. It's their efforts that make me count myself into better professionals."

Mr. Ismail Shaikh
Technical Lead-Model Based Software Engineering
Behr Hella Thermocontrol Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, India

Gopika Gundale

"DKTE possesses all the qualities which every student out there is looking for. Be it education process, faculty members, campus program, course curriculum, D.K.T.E has achieved excellence in all these categories. I am proud to say that I got to spend an amazing 4 years at this college. It has taught me discipline, made practical & helped me grow in all aspects of my life."

Ms. Gopika Gundale
Associate Consultant
Infosys Ltd.
Pune, India

 Rachana Divate

 "Studying at DKTE has been a great experience for me. My Engineering journey was about stepping out of my comfort zone, taking up new challenges and enhancing my skills. DKTE has Encouraging environment which helped me to work harder and achieve dreams. The college ensured to give us industry-leading knowledge. I am thankful to the professors for their commitment to support and guide students in the right direction for their career. My time at DKTE has been memorable and I would very much recommend this institution"

Ms. Rachana Divate
System Software Engineer
Global Edge Software
Bengaluru, India

 Yash Jain  

"The Institute was instrumental in grooming me, both professionally and personally. The faculty, academic and TPO activities have been very favorable for the all-round development, may it be for our mega projects, extra-curricular participation, leadership and management opportunities via student forums or the Genius and Social Events. Along with my learnings at college, we DKTEians are blessed with rich alumni network for the life after campus".

Mr. Yash Jain
Software Developer
Siemens Technology
Pune, India