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Tuesday, 09 June 2020 06:51


Date of Joining : 29/08/1996

Qualification with Class and Grade : BSc Chemistry MSc Chemistry PhD Technical Chemistry

Area of Specialization: Chemistry

Total Experience in Year: Teaching : 25 Industry: 3 Research: 1

Papers published in Journal :  National : 4 International 6

Papers presented in Conference:  National -nil International 3

PhD Guide Field: Chemistry 

University : Shivaji University

Professional Membership: - Life member of ISTE

-Life member of textile association of india

- Indian council of chemist (ICC)

- Indian chemical Society (ICS)

Awards : JRF Under DAE Project 1988-90

Govt of Japan UNESCO Felloship 1996-97

Others - Participated in International Conference at Bangkok June 2011



To view recordings of our program “Expert Guidance to Face MHT-CET 2020”, click on the respective links

Day 1: Physics- Prof. Govind Kulkarni, Pune

Day 2: Chemistry- Prof, M. C. Gaikwad, Karad

Day 3: Maths- Prof, B. G. Mapari, Pune

Day 4: Over all CET Preparation- Prof. Dilip Deshmukh, Shahu College, Latur


For the benefit of students appearing MHT-CET 2020, DKTE's Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji (An Autonomous Institute) has organized Four days Facebook Live sessions on

Expert Guidance to Face MHT-CET 2020,


4 day back to back Webinar series from 29th May 2020 @10 AM-11 AM, Webinar Link will be shared to all registered members.


<<Click here to register>>


Register on or before 27/05/2020 up to 5.30pm

Session Timings:
Day 1: 29th May @10:00 AM- Physics- Prof. Govind Kulkarni, Pune
Day 2: 30th May @10:00 AM- Chemistry- Prof, M. C. Gaikwad, Karad
Day 3: 31st May @10:00 AM- Maths- Prof, B. G. Mapari, Pune
Day 4: 01st June @10:00 AM- Over all CET- Prof. Dilip Deshmukh, Shahu College, Latur


WhatsApp Image 2020 05 23 at 2.19.30 PM


As a part of the online learning series,  department of Electronics Engineering,  of DKTE's Textile and Engineering Institute Rajwada has organized Three days Webinar sessions on Arduino Programming and Internet of Things,  3 days back to back Webinar series from 25th May 2020 @11:00AM. 
Webinar Link will be shared to all registered members.  
Attendees of the whole learning series will have the opportunity to earn E-Certificate.  
Session Timings :
Day 1: 25th May 2020 @11:00 AM to 12:15 PM
Day 2: 26th May 2020 @11:00 AM to 12:15 PM
Day 3: 27th May 2020 @11:00 AM to 12:15 PM
Monday, 24 February 2020 12:08


Date of joining :-02/07/2012

Qualification :-UG :B.E. (CSE) First Class
PG :M. E. (CSE) First Class
PhD Pursuing 

Papers published in Journals :-National :00 International :05

Papers presented in Conference:-National :00 International : 00

Training :-3

Workshop :-15

Book Published :-1

Professional Memberships:--Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)-Life Member of Computer Society of India (CSI)

Saturday, 01 February 2020 07:25

MoU with HOF University Germany

Friday, 31 January 2020 11:43


Tuesday, 28 January 2020 12:04


Date of Joining the Institution: 25/07/1990

Qualification with Class / Grade: 

UG : B.E.Electonics (First Class)
PG : M.E.Elecrtonics (First Class)
PhD: Elecrtonics Engineering

Area of Specialization:  Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm, Microcontroller, and Embedded systems

Total Experience in Years:  Teaching : 28 years Industry: -Nil  Research : -

Papers published in Journals National: -11 International : -21

Papers presented in Conference National : -22 International : -15

Student Guidance:  PG : -15 PhD : -07

Training/ Workshop/ Seminars Attended

Training: 10
Workshop: 21
Seminars: 15

Professional Memberships: ISTE, CSI, IEEE

Awards: Best Teacher Award of Lions Club of Icalkaranji 2015

Best Teacher Award of Rotary Club of Icalkaranji 2011
Best Performance Award D.K.T.E. Icalkaranji, 2007
Best paper presentation at Shahu College Pune

Grants fetched: MODROB, Skill Development for SC/ST Students

Interaction with Professional Institutions: Expert lecture in ANN,FUZZY, GA, OBE at various institute and ISTE workshop


Worked as HOD of Computer Science and Engineering for 10 years during period 2000-2009
Worked as a HOD of Information Technology for years during period 2002-2009
Working as a HOD of Electronics Engineering since 2010




Wednesday, 22 January 2020 11:57

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