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Faculty M. Tech. Electronics Department

Faculty M. Tech. Electronics Department (5)

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 04:25


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Date of joining the Institution: 31/1/2005

Qualification with Class / Grade UG: PhD (Pursuing) BE Electronics (First Class) ME E&TC (First Class with Distinction) 

Area of Specialization: Image processing, Embedded Systems ,Microprocessors

Total Experience in Years: Teaching : 14.6 years 

Papers published in Journals:International : -02

Papers presented in Conference: National : -05 International : -05

Training : 04

Workshop: 17

Seminars : 02 

Professional Memberships: Life Member of ISTE

Awards: Best Paper Presentation Award at WCASETG9718
Others: Expert lecture

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 04:23


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Date of joining the Institution: 02/08/2001

Qualification with Class / Grade UG : B.E (Electronics) First class with Dist.

Area of Specialization: Digital Signal Processing

Total Experience in Years Teaching : 18 years

Papers published in International Journal: 09

Papers presented in International Conference: 11

Student Guidance PG : 07

Training Attended :  01

Workshop: 27

Seminars : 01

 Expert Lecture Delivered: 08

Professional Memberships: ISTE (LM4372)

Awards: Best Teacher (Year:2004-05,2005-06,2010-11)


1. Resource Person for the workshop on “Outcome Based Education” at Indira College of Engineering & Management, Pune on 30th December, 2017
2. Resource person for One Day workshop on "Digital Signal Processing" at Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions on 24th March 2015.
3. Conducted Webinar on Development of E-Learning Tool for DSP & Its Amalgamation with Traditional Teaching Approach, Aug 2,2016 3.30-04.30PM IST


Tuesday, 28 January 2020 12:04


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Date of Joining the Institution: 25/07/1990

Qualification with Class / Grade: 

UG : B.E.Electonics (First Class)
PG : M.E.Elecrtonics (First Class)
PhD: Elecrtonics Engineering

Area of Specialization:  Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm, Microcontroller, and Embedded systems

Total Experience in Years:  Teaching : 28 years Industry: -Nil  Research : -

Papers published in Journals National: -11 International : -21

Papers presented in Conference National : -22 International : -15

Student Guidance:  PG : -15 PhD : -07

Training/ Workshop/ Seminars Attended

Training: 10
Workshop: 21
Seminars: 15

Professional Memberships: ISTE, CSI, IEEE

Awards: Best Teacher Award of Lions Club of Icalkaranji 2015

Best Teacher Award of Rotary Club of Icalkaranji 2011
Best Performance Award D.K.T.E. Icalkaranji, 2007
Best paper presentation at Shahu College Pune

Grants fetched: MODROB, Skill Development for SC/ST Students

Interaction with Professional Institutions: Expert lecture in ANN,FUZZY, GA, OBE at various institute and ISTE workshop


Worked as HOD of Computer Science and Engineering for 10 years during period 2000-2009
Worked as a HOD of Information Technology for years during period 2002-2009
Working as a HOD of Electronics Engineering since 2010




Friday, 22 November 2019 10:29


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Date of joining the Institution 01/07/2013
Qualification with Class / Grade UG : BE (Electronics and Communication) PG : -M.Tech (Digital Electronics) PhD : -
Area of Specialization Digital Electronics, VLSI, Computer Network
Total Experience in Years Teaching : 6 years Industry : - Research : -
Papers published in Journals National : - International : - 02
Papers presented in Conference National : - International : -
Ph.D. Guide?
(Field & University) Field : -
University : -
Student Guidance PG : - PhD : -
Training/ Workshop/ Seminars Attended Training : 
Workshop:  15
Seminars : 
Books Published / IPRs / Patents Books : 
IPRs : 
Patents : 


Wednesday, 23 October 2019 11:50


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Date of joining the Institution 10/07/1990
Qualification with Class /Grade PhD : -Electronics Shivaji University PG : -M.E.Electronics, First Class withDistinction, Shivaji University ,Kolhapur,Kolhapur UG : B.E.Electrical, First Class with Distinction,2nd Rank Karnatak University,Dharwad

Total Experience in Years:- Teaching:- 33 years, Industry :- 09 months, Research:- 12 years

Papers published in Journals: National -  02             International-31

Papers presented in Conference: National -  07             International-15

 Ph.D. Guide?                                     Field : -Image Processing & Pattern recognition, Artificial Intelligence, VLSI Design, Microcontollers.
 (Field & University)                          University : - Shivaji University, kolhapur   

Student Guidance  PG : -13                    PhD : -07

Training/ Workshop/ Seminars Attended ;- Training -05  

                                                                         Workshop-AICTE/ISTE-42  Workshop Organized-16  Curriculum Development W/S-18


Books Published / IPRs / Patents;- Books-04

Professional Memberships:- LM-12124, IEEE Member-90781406 IEANG Member, IDES: Invited Member

Awards-  National Merit Scholarship holder

                2nd  Rank to karnatak university at UG, Dharwad

                Best Teacher (Electronics & Telecommunication),2010

                Excellency award in Education by Veershaiv kuruhinshetty organization, Ichalkaranji

                IEI award 2018-19: Contribution in Technical & societal services

                VIWA 2019 Award, Chennai: Life time achievement Award in Electronics field

Grants fetched:-     AICTE-MODROB - 14.82 lacs for developing Analog,Digital  Mixed signal VLSI Circuit Design using Cadence Tool.

Interaction with Professional Institutions:- W.C.E. Sangli and KLE Tech Hubli, Karnatak, Pune University.

Others:-Guest Lecture, Expert lecturing, PhD thesis review & Ph.D exam,

             Reviewer for Textile research journal,  IET Image processing journal,

             Reviewer :IEEE Conferences, IUCEE Conferences

             Coordinator for M.E. Electronics, ETC NBA Program co-ordinator central: Quality Assurance Cell, Research cell